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Tori McGee is the author of the children’s books Sloths Don’t Run, The Lost Narwhal, and the Ooey Gooey Monster series. She lives by the motto “...what if you fly?” which has led her on some incredible and random adventures: competing on Wheel of Fortune, finishing an Ironman triathlon, and most recently, writing children’s books. When she’s not dreaming up her next story, you might find her running or crocheting. Tori lives in sunny St. Petersburg, Florida (a city she’ll argue is the best in the world) with her husband and son (who she’ll also argue are the best in the world).


The Lost


Somewhere in his travels, Mel the narwhal has made a wrong turn and ended up thousands of miles from home! Luckily, he's adopted by a pod of beluga whales who treat Mel as if he were one of their own. Inspired by actual events, The Lost Narwhal is a story about embracing your uniqueness and learning what it means to feel accepted.


Sloths don't run

Tori's debut book, Sloths Don't Run, is the story of two rainforest creatures who embark on an unlikely adventure, running The Great Rainforest Race. The pair proves that with hard work they can do what seemed impossible, and learn the true meaning of courage along the way. 


Ooey Gooey Monster
Goes for a hike

Need to get your sillies out? Join the Ooey Gooey Monster for an adventure– and some donuts! Follow along on Monster's first adventure as he heads into the wilderness for a solo trek. There's wandering, splashing, and silly-sock dancing. This rhyming picture book is sure to become a favorite!

Ooey Gooey Monster

Goes to the Fair

Join the Ooey Gooey Monster on a trip to the Monster State Fair! Follow along with this silly story as Monster enjoys all the attractions. He’ll pop some balloons. He’ll groove to some tunes. Next he’ll slime up the slide, before ending his night with a Ferris wheel ride.

This lighthearted story with bouncy rhymes is fun for any child, and the colorful illustrations are sure to grab the attention of even the youngest readers.

OGM2_front_cover .jpg

Kids saving oceans

Olivia Makes
a difference

Olivia wanted to help, but not in the way she helped her dad in the kitchen. She wanted to help in a way that could make the world a better place. Inspired by the true story of a kid who knew that one person’s choice to do better, multiplied by a lot of people, makes a BIG difference.


This book was co-authored with Miles Fetherson-Resch, CEO of Kids Saving Oceans.



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